Book Club

So I took over book club.

It’s the most frustrating thing in the world. When I first joined, there were these awesome ladies who loved getting together to discuss the book we read, and also look at videos on the computers.

Now, it’s the same 3 people over and over again trying to keep it going. It takes threatening people for them to care. Even then, they don’t really. I swear, when did reading become this horrible ‘job’ people think they have to do. You don’t even have to read the book to attend the reviews. Just show up and hang out with us. We discuss the book for maybe 20 minutes and then move on and talk about all kinds of other stuff.

We had our meeting today and the same 3 people (plus 2 toddlers, an infant, and a husband) were there. It makes me want to scream at people. People here complain about not knowing people and having friends, or having anywhere to go- and yet, here is this group where you have a whole month to read a book and you don’t take advantage of it. There are some really AWESOME people out there to meet and you sit at home making excuses like it’s going to get you somewhere. It’s not. No one is going to show up at your house and just be your friend. It takes a little initiative on your part to make friends, and also keep those friends.

I really wish the ladies from the beginning of the book club were still here. We had some great times. At the very least, I wish the ladies here would see what a great opportunity it is to have a book club and take advantage of it. Where’s a genie when I need one?

Any suggestions on how to get more people to come out? We’re reading, Mr. Mercedes by Stephen King for March.

Stay nerdy,

M Tom


One thought on “Book Club

  1. I wish so badly I could help. I also wish people understood how much fun, how needed it was for us mamas and wives and working women to get a recharge, and the incredible friendships that were made in your very shoes. Sorry it isn’t going well. Miss you tons!!


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