I’ve been thinking..uh oh

I had a thought last night about book club and how to hopefully better it.

I need some thoughts/feedback on this though…

What if we chose a different genre each month and voted for a book in that genre?

Example: April- genre chosen would be Classical fiction. Then we submit our favorite classic books (Wuthering Heights, Jane Eyre, Moby Dick, etc) and then we vote on which one. Winner is the one we read. May we choose historical fiction, then vote on those books..and so on and so on.

Would that be a good way to get more people? If we read a better variety of books then maybe people will say, “Hey, I love that genre. I’ll read this months book and attend.”

Thoughts? Cause the way it’s going now, it’s the same 3-4 people each time. And with 85 members that’s just so lame. Help me please.


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