Book Club

So last month we didn’t meet cause people don’t want to participate. Which really confuses me. Why join a club and not participate?!! How does that make sense to anyone? To me, if you join a club it’s for a reason…you either have that interest and you want to explore and foster it more or you want to try something new.

It’s book club. The hardest part is reading the book. Cause you have to 1. Find the time, 2. Be interested enough to read it, 3. Care to participate.

I know you’re probably reading this thinking, ‘why not just give up on it already?’ Well, I could and trust me I have wanted to many, many times. But, I can’t. Book Club is great. Getting to experience new world’s, meet new people, and explore a new book that you might not have otherwise, that’s amazing and fun and so relaxing.

You don’t even have to read the book to come to book club. Come and drink some wine, meet some nerdy cool people, and relax. We can tell you all about what you missed in the book. We literally discuss the book for maybe 30 minutes then talk about whatever else we want. It’s to hang out, be nerdy, drink wine, and relax. Need to make new friends? Hello! Book. Club. You cannot make better friends than people who read. After all, we read and make imaginary ones on a regular basis.

I get being shy. But if you don’t come out at least once, you’ll never meet that one person who could be your new best friend. Just try it once.

I instituted a ‘if you don’t participat, then you’re booted from group’ policy. Bitch move. I know. But, something had to be done. It was turning into the Margaret and Pals Nerd Gathering. Not that I mind, but I want to meet people and bond over reading and other nerdy things.

Read. Don’t read. Whatever gets you out. Just come out once. You know when we meet. 

I promise I don’t bite. Well, not at first.



2 thoughts on “Book Club

  1. Yeah, sometimes people are not so fun. As a person who habitually commits to something and bails last minute – I apologise! For me, I am just not so good at doing the whole social thing. I would love to join a book club, but I am pretty finicky when it comes to the books I read..


  2. I’d like to join – when and where do you hold your book clubs?
    I was in a book club for a while – I only stopped cos I moved. I liked it. I didn’t always read the books, but I never admitted it. I joined in on the conversations and I ate the snacks and drank the drinks. I loved it. I’d love to join yours if it’s in my locality…


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