Wonder When You’ll Miss Me by Amanda Davis


Follow sixteen-year-old Faith Duckle in this audacious and darkly funny tale as she moves through the difficult journey from the schoolyard to the harlequin world of the circus. At fifteen, Faith was lured under the bleachers by a bunch of boys at a football game and raped. Now, almost a year later, a newly thin Faith is haunted by her past, and by the cruel, flippant ghost of her formerly fat self, who is bent on revenge.

This quest for retribution eventually compels Faith to violence, forcing her to flee home in search of the only friend she has — a troubled but caring busboy named Charlie, who is the lover of a sideshow performer — and to tumble into the colorful, transient world of the circus. But as she leaves her old life behind and dives headfirst into a world of adult passions and dreams, mercurial allegiances, and exhilarating self-discovery (while paying considerable dues with a shovel in the elephant tent), Faith ultimately begins to discover who she is and all that she is capable of.

Wonder When You’ll Miss Me combines tender wit with page-turning energy and characters as original as they are memorable. By turns harrowing and poignant, lyrical and hilarious, it is a vibrant, compelling novel readers won’t forget.

My Thoughts

I thought this book was very interesting. Faith Duckle just got out of the mental hospital and starts school again. But she is nothing like her former self. She is thin. And haunted by her former fat self that only she can see. She returns to school where a horrific experience occurred one night, she was raped by a group of guys from her high school. It’s definitely not out of the realm of reality, that it could happen, especially in today’s world/society. I’m sure there are plenty of women, young girls who have to be confronted with this type of situation every day. I do think that this book, Faith’s story, tells her situation in only the way it can-how Faith deals it. Does she deal with it properly? Probably not as she attacks one of the guys. BUT, does it make her feel vindicated? Absolutely. It’s never said if anything happened to the guys involved so honestly, she did what should of been done in the first place. Faith leaves her town and joins the circus. Trying to find the busboy she worked with at her job. She doesn’t find him but she does land a job shoveling elephant poop. She likes the job, the hard work, and the people. Eventually her friend does show up and he tells her an interesting tale of what happened to him. She changes her life and her name. She does call home once to her mother (who you’ll hate btw).

I liked this book. I didn’t like why Faith was having such a hard time in life. I think she did what was right for her in the situation and she took life into her own hands and got away from the life that was bringing her down.

4 out of 5 stars!


Life Update..cause I know you wanna know!

First off, I’ll start with reading news…

I’m at 111% on my 2015 Reading Challenge via Goodreads. Woot Woot! I know people always wonder how I have time to read so much when I have a crazy threenager (3 yr old) and do other stuffs. Well, I find time. I tell you, I have to read. It helps me relieve stress and any pent up aggravation, anger, or other emotion I may be feeling. It helps me collect myself. Escaping for a short period of time always helps me stay focused on what’s important, my family.

On to other news…

I’m pregnant. Due February 9. What what. We are happy and excited! We find out next month what we’re having so I’ll update when we know for sure. This was definitely a HUGE surprise as we hadn’t planned on anymore children but it is a good surprise and we couldn’t be happier 🙂 Yay babies!

So yea, that’s what’s up…Hope y’all are doing well 🙂