Am I Making a Mistake?!

So recently I decided, on a whim, that maybe joining forces with the ASC on base may bring more support and people to the book club. Maybe it’s because I’m 19 weeks pregnant and care so little about anything else outside my family right now (this child is making my life miserable, I’m pretty sure I’m having a baby dragon with all this heartburn), that I just was all, yeah sure join but you won’t be taking over anything.

I had considered this before until it was mentioned charging for membership- nope not gonna happen. I already have a terrible time getting people to show the hell up for book club, charging people even as little as $5 won’t help matters. I have catered to everything these women want- allowing children, weekend meetings, meeting at one location instead of house hopping…earlier meetings.

And still the same 5 people show up. I might as well change the name to Margaret’s Awesome Friends- who happen to read club.

Who knows? Maybe I made the right decision. Maybe I didn’t. I do know if any old bitties try and usurp this club from me they will rue the day they messed with me. I’m that far gone in this pregnancy. Total bitch mode. 21 more weeks.



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