Red August by H.L. Brooks

What if you found out that you were descended from a long line of clandestine fighters, and that your family was still at war? Or that the love of your life was something other than human? August Archer thinks she’s a normal teenage girl—even though she has been having disturbing and sexy dreams about wolves lately. Still grieving over the loss of her bookish, charming father, and wondering over his final gift of a red hooded cloak, August is uprooted from her New York City apartment to a tiny town in Maryland, and the rambling Victorian house where he grew up. There she meets a wise woman with a gift for herbal medicine, the gentle old man who keeps the house in repair and the grounds thriving, and her new neighbor: an enigmatic, irresistibly fascinating man who refuses to talk to her, yet who seems to know her better than she knows herself, and fuels her most intense romantic fantasies. But it’s when August begins to coax her feisty Scottish grandmother out of her self-imposed catatonia that a strange tale of werewolves and hunters emerges—one in which the man of her dreams may be her family’s oldest enemy—in this modern-day telling of the Red Riding Hood story.

My Thoughts

I’m always down for a modern twist on a fairy tale. I LOVE Grimm Fairy Tales! Seriously, LOVE- one of my favorite things to read are modern tales based on the old tales. Which is why I chose to read this book- it did not disappoint!
Most books are hard to get into or they don’t capture your attention right away, well, this book is NOT like that! It opens with a dream, a sexy dream. And man, woooo! Good one too. August is a smart, beautiful, strong character. She’s perfect for this story of Red Riding Hood. It’s interesting that they weave the tale of her family being ‘Archer’s’ into it and also Hunter’s because it gives something more to the story- especially since she falls HARD for a werewolf. Which brings me to Faolan. From the description in the book and also just the imagery from her dreams, Faolan would be seriously easy to fall in love with. August is a 16 yr old girl so at first you’re all ‘wow, she’s a horny little thing’ but then you realize maybe, she’s not like most hormonal driven 16 yrs olds. And she’s not, I mean she’s Red.

It’s kind of strange to think that in a book, a man who is 100 yrs older than this 16 yr old girl is accepted as her lover/boyfriend but in the real world- Creeper McCreeperson would be arrested so fast…But it’s a work of fiction so let’s get back to it..Thankfully, the dreams and erotica taper down and the story finally reveals itself.

I think what drew me into this story (aside from the fairy tale twist part) was that I love werewolves (and vampires but there’s none here) so it was a good read because I’ve been reading mostly mysteries. The grandmother in this story is fabulous. She’s portrayed at first as the weak old grammy who everyone needs to coddle. But once she gets her memories back, she is wonderful! She is the strength in the family and you can see that. She does blame Faolan for the deaths of her daughter, and his brother for her husbands death (which Faolan agrees is his brother’s fault but explains the party about the daughter). It’s interesting that even though werewolves and August’s family are at odds, Faolan is their protector because he promised to protect them. In all this, Faolan and a couple other characters, reveal why August and Faolan are ‘meant to be’ in a creepy ‘she looks exactly like my first wife’ story. But it’s more than that, it’s fate.

It’s definitely a good story about self discovery, family history, and finding your true love. You should definitely read this book if you like modern twists on fairy tales! It doesn’t disappoint. I’m impatiently waiting for the next book!

4 out of 5 stars!


2 thoughts on “Red August by H.L. Brooks

  1. I would love it if you would consider going over to Amazon and Goodreads and leave a star rating if you have time. Thanks so much and I’m glad you enjoyed it. The next in the series should be out August 2016.


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