The Girl with the Iron Touch (Steampunk Chronicles book 3) By Kady Cross

In 1897 London, something not quite human is about to awaken…

When mechanical genius Emily is kidnapped by rogue automatons, Finley Jayne and her fellow misfits fear the worst. What’s left of their archenemy, The Machinist, hungers to be resurrected, and Emily must transplant his consciousness into one of his automatons—or forfeit her friends’ lives.

With Griffin being mysteriously tormented by the Aether, Finley turns to Jack Dandy, but trusting the master criminal is as dangerous as controlling her dark side. Meanwhile, Sam is searching everywhere for Emily. He would walk into hell for her, but the choice she must make will test them more than they could imagine.

To save those she cares about, Emily must confront The Machinist’s ultimate creation—an automaton more human than machine. And if she’s to have any chance at triumphing, she must summon a strength even she doesn’t know she has.

My Thoughts

So in this book a lot happens, FINALLY! The book revolves around Emily (for once) and her abduction. She is taken by automatons and The Machinist. He’s alive! It’s crazy because he’s in this machine that’s keeping him alive. He can talk with his robots because his brain is still functional. His other automatons have created one robot that is meant to house his brain. The interesting and disturbing part is that with the ‘wee beasties’ the automaton that’s meant to become The Machinist, become human-like. She thinks, feels, and knows things that robots don’t. She is alive. The science in these books is so incredible. And the fact that it’s set in the late 1800s makes it a bit surreal but you know even if it is a bit far fetched- it doesn’t seem like it when reading. It seems plausible.

Emily is a brave woman. You know she’s scared but she also isn’t going to die.

Like I said, a lot happens in this book- like Sam and Emily FINALLY saying ‘I LOVE YOU’ to each other. I was so teary when Sam finally told Emily. I was like, “you big oaf, it’s about time!” Oh and Finely and Griffin- thank God! They finally get together and admit they have feelings and care about each other- and they finally sleep together. Good Lord, Kady Cross! Make a girl wait why don’t you! 3 books. No it makes sense why they wait- with the time the books are set and how women were looked at and treated but seriously, it made me crazy that Griffin and Finley were all in love and they would not admit or tell one another but everyone knew.

They save Emily. Or rather Emily saves herself with the help of the automaton. I mean all the good stuff happens. AND ALL THE FEELS HAPPEN in this book. It’s so worth the wait. I really can’t wait to read the 4th book.

5 out of 5 stars! Yes, 5 because I got everything I wanted from the characters and plot and more. Brilliant!


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