Kid’s Read-a-long Books

Lately I have been reading a lot with my daughter who loves books almost as much as I do (parenting win!). I like to use my Kindle to download books from the local library’s app to do read-a-long books with her. She loves all the Dora and Diego books and since my Spanish is more Spanglish, it’s best if the narrator reads those books to her.

I’m blogging about these books because they are so fun and great for kids! I enjoy it too because I can see the excitement she has for these books. I also get books I read to her but her favorites are the ones that read out loud to her so she can hold my Kindle herself (very independent already).

I want to encourage you to read with your children (if you have any) or any child in your family. Instilling a love of reading and books at a young age starts with us taking the time to be present with them. All kids want is attention. Give them some attention by reading a good book- it doesn’t have to be long, it can be a short book- but those few minutes will help spark so much in that child’s life and imagination.

I try to read to my daughter every day for at least 10-15 minutes. She LOVES it. Maybe you only have 2-5 minutes..that’s fine too…any amount of time is great!

One of the best books we ‘read’ was B.J. Novak’s, The Book With No Pictures. He narrates it too and he does a great job! My daughter was very interested because of how animated his reading is. As I mentioned, we also read a ton of Diego and Dora- those books are great because they also have Spanish words in them and my daughter has picked up on some words which amazes me!

Check some read-a-long books out!


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