Let It Snow by John Green, Maureen Johnson, Lauren Myracle


Three holiday romances that intertwine but are separate.

My Thoughts  (each story, and overall)

The Jubilee Express, Maureen Johnson

I found this story to be my favorite. Jubilee’s sense of humor is pretty close to mine and I just thought her dramatic-ness was much like mine as well. Granted,  I didn’t have a douche bag bf on high school like hers.

Which brings me to my first point, the thing I disliked was her boyfriend. He was described as perfect. And if I’ve learned anything in life, it’s no one is perfect. Especially in a relationship. When Stuart tells Julie her bfis going go ingot dump her, I was like, thank you. Thank you for saying what I’m screaming in my head. It’s like, finally a character that says what a reader is thinking.

It’s an endearing story of high school love. And who doesn’t love endearing. The mom in the story is a whack a doodle but I liked her. And Julie ‘ s parents were in jail over a Christmas village piece. Can’t make that up right? Only in a book.

A Cheertastic Christmas Miracle, John Green

I think tomboy ‘ s of all ages can appreciate this love story. Clueless boy, pretty girl who’s considered one of the guys. They think, I wonder what it would be like if, but never actually consider doing anything.

Then cheerleaders, twister, and a race to waffle house presents itself. Who can win?  JP, Duke, and Tobin; college dudes with a keg; or the twins??

Blizzard weather, snow covered roads, an unhealthy craving for all things hashbrowns make this story so cute it hurts. It’s probably the one that could 100% happen in real life, (good job on that, Mr Green).

I liked everything about Angie, aka The Duke. I even liked Tobin, if for nothing else but his name. JP was a needed character I think. Annoying, but needed to make the story run smoothly.

I honestly didn’t think they’d be the ones to make it to Waffle house. Just because of the beat down they almost got from the tweedledee twins. (Not their names but you get the idea right? Dumb dumbs).

Well, this trio make it to WH, with twister for the cheerleaders. Angie gets her hashbrowns, JP gets whatever he’s after (haha) and Tobin finally gets IT.

Young love is always sweet when the clueless finally get a clue.

The Patron Saint of Pigs, Lauren Myracle

The only reason I liked this one is because teacup pigs are adorable. If you havent seen one, Google it.

Addie is a self absorbed teen. I mean, most teens are. But this girl, brings it to a new level. Could not stand her. I was glad her friends and coworkers gave a her a little reality check on life.

The pig, Christmas gift for Addie’s friend. I would love a teacup piggie. I would love it. Well, I mean, if I didn’t have other adulting to do…but..back to the story…

The cute piggie is a gift. And Addie is supposed to topic up piggie. Well, I bet you can guess..she doesn’t!  Gasp!! She’s a bit too wrapped up in her ‘broken heart’. And. I put it that way because she did it to herself. She kissed another dude while drunk. She had a great guy who adored her, and that wasn’t enough. So her self pity= her own doing. She deserved a lesson in life she got.

She does pull through though. Which surprised the heck out of me. She also wakes up and realizes life is about more than her and her and her.

As a whole

I liked the book and how each author weaved the stories together, but made them separate. I would definitely recommend this book for teens and young adults. It gives your heart that Christmas joy you want and desire this holiday season.




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