It’s Been A While…

Hey Y’all!

It’s been a while, I know. But that last few months have been CRAZY! We moved, overseas! Say whaaaat?! But yep, we made the big move and are finally settling in. It’s been a lot hectic trying to find a home, register our oldest for school, find places to shop, get our car ready to use (which it still isn’t, so we’re still walking a lot).

But I’ve been reading! A lot! So I will be playing catch up on my reviews starting today and probably for the next few days. So keep a look out. Hopefully, I can recommend something to you that you may not consider to pick up usually. Which is always my goal!





So I’ve been MIA on here lately for good reason. I had a baby lol

It’s been crazy hectic but I’ve been getting some reading in. I’ll be posting some reviews soon…while my baby and toddler sleep. So be on the look out!


Hope all is well in your life!


Happy 2016!

Happy New Year Everyone! Sorry it’s so late and it’s been so long since I posted. I have a lot of books to add to my reviews. I’ll have some bunched together as the books are a series.

Hope 2016 is treating you well so far! My family and I have 1 month until we meet our baby girl! Ahh! We’re so excited and a tad nervous at the same time. My 3 yr old is so excited to be a big sister though!

Happiest of New Years to y’all!


My Life Update

We found out last month that we are having…wait for it…


Another beautiful little baby girl ❤

We do have a name but we’re not sharing it as people are stupid and judgy when it comes to naming your own child. I will say her initials will be CPT.

There’s really no other news other than I’m patiently waiting for my parents to come visit soon. It’s crazy how when you get older you miss your parents so much and want to be with them. I miss them so much. One day we’ll live close to each other again.

Hope y’all are having a great weekend 🙂